Academy for training and accreditation in applied neuroscience

For coaches, mentors, therapists, trainers and other personal and organizational development professionals. 


"Creating a new neuroparadigm".

ANE's mission is to contribute to create a new way of understanding the world, making available to coaching, mentoring and therapy professionals cutting-edge knowledge and tools about our brain, with the purpose that this knowledge can reach thousands of people in a rigorous way and that they can improve their lives.

The more we learn about our mind and brain mechanisms, the more conscious, successful, healthy and happy we can become and the more efficient and harmonious our society will be.

Neuroscience at the service of personal development

Leverage the science that is changing the world.


Use our presentations and editable material, infographics and tools.


Distinguish yourself in your industry with cutting-edge discoveries about the brain.


Support your work with a Certification endorsed by reliable sources of scientific rigor.

Neuroscience training and certification

Apply neuroscience and help your clients while positioning yourself at the highest level in your sector.

International Scientific Certification

Neuroscience Certification


You are dedicated to coaching, mentoring, training or therapies and you want to deepen your knowledge of the brain to offer your clients maximum efficiency in achieving their goals. Distinguish yourself in the market using empirical sources of neuroscience.

Endorse your program



If you have your own school or institution and you want to introduce neuroscience in your training or method, endorse your experience with an international scientific certificate of maximum rigor and excellence.


Maite G. Checa, 

"We are fascinated by the highly scientifically rigorous continuing education provided by ANE International."

CEO y Co-Foundor of the Institut Coraops

Gustavo Bertolotto

"Neuroscience is a huge support to personal and social change".
CEO Founder of IPH Instituto Potencial Humano

Beatriz Sanz Beatriz Sanz

It gives credibility and support and is an invaluable contribution for those of us who dedicate ourselves to coaching.
Coach-Mentor Co-Founder of Expocoaching


"The last century was the century of information, and this is the century of neuroscience."

Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate in science, 2000. Contributor to the Academy.

About ANE International

Pioneering academy and reference in the international field of applied neuroscience in Spanish and English.

Made in Germany. The academy has its origin in Cologne, Germany. It is supported by current documentation from renowned collaborating scientists such as the Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel or the eminent German researcher Gerhard Roth and has the exclusive supervision of Dr. Miguel Toribio and the scientific researcher Tibisay Vera, as well as its co-founder, applied neuroscience researcher Nieves Perez.

A committee of experts elaborates the contents of maximum quality and rigor, based on sources provided by prestigious universities such as Harvard, Cambridge or the Max Planck Institute.